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Rubber is now the most commonly used flat roofing product for residential or commercial buildings. Rubber first started appearing on roofs decades ago, and this type of roof slowly gained in popularity among both roofing contractors and builders. Because rubber roofing is easy to install and offers a long service life, it is considered by many local roofers in Lititz PA to be the most logical choice for flat roofing installations.

Flat Roofs - Why Rubber Roofing is the Best Choice

For any product to gain acceptance in the marketplace, it must have certain advantages that makes it distinguishable from others. This is also the case with roofing materials. The features of a rubber roofing system include durability, low maintenance, great insulation, weatherproof, light in weight and energy efficiency. Another benefit is that a rubber roof can quickly be repaired if small cracks or splits appear.

Roofing companies in Manheim, Lititz, and Mt. Joy often recommend rubber roofing because of its appearance and price. When installing a new rubber roof, one should consider whether they desire shingles or an entire roof system. Having your entire flat roof covered with rolled rubber roofing is the ideal option to prevent any leakage whatsoever. This is because there are no seams. If you opt for rubber shingles, you'll find many styles that resemble other shingle materials being used today.

When compared to conventional roof shingles, a rubber roofing system is easier to maintain. Although rubber shingles may occasionally tear or fall off due to rubber expansion or contraction, it can quickly and easily be repaired using a few spare parts and adhesive. Rubber liquid sealant is used for filling small splits. Some clients will have their roofing contractor in Lititz, PA coat the entire roof with liquid sealant to reduce maintenance even further.

In addition to roofing services, Zimmerman's Construction also installs replacement windows and siding. Contact us for more information!

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