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Often made from recycled materials, rubber roofing can be a smart investment for homeowners or business owners in the Lancaster, PA area.It's a type of roofing that's often preferred because it's less susceptible to leaking and more resistant to damage and wear. If installed properly by the rubber roofing contractors at Zimmerman's Construction, rubber roofing can last twice as long as more commonly used materials. Take a moment to learn why you can easily get your money's worth with rubber roofing materials.

Why Consider Rubber Roofing

Depending on how well it's cared for, a rubber roof may last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, and sometimes longer. Also referred to as an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roof, a rubber roof is often associated with commercial buildings. However, more homeowners in Lancaster, Manheim, Mount Joy, Lititz, Elizabethtown, PA, and surrounding areas are also discovering the many advantages of rubber roofing materials.

EPDM roofing can easily give a boost to curb appeal thanks to an increased variety of colors that can include black, white, slate gray, and an assortment of greens, yellows, blues, and other pastels. Often laid in a single piece, a rubber roof has little or no seams, which means you're less likely to have problems with leaks.

Rubber is also one of the least-expensive roofing materials. Plus, rubber shingles can resemble other types of roofing, allowing for even more versatility with styles and designs. Additional benefits associated with this type of roofing include:

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Installing Rubber Roofing in Lancaster PA

Available in a variety of thicknesses, rubber roofing materials are lighter than other roofing materials like slate or asphalt shingles and easier to install that more traditional types of roofing. With new installations, our rubber roofing contractors will recommend a thickness that's right for your needs based on factors such as the location of your property and your existing exterior features.

Most installations are done with either rubber shingles or a seamless roll. Shingles will still be tailed down like what's done with other roofing materials. The lighter weight of rubber roofing materials makes it easier to place the shingles over a plywood base and move them around as necessary.

With a roll, our rubber roofing contractors will take careful measurements and trim the material to fit the size and shape of your roof. Special techniques will be used to work around chimneys, vents, and other roof protrusions. Rolls are usually used for commercial roofs, although rolls can be just as appealing on a residential roof.

Rubber roofing materials are sometimes placed over existing shingles. If this is a case, our contractors will place a layer of insulation between the old shingles and the rubber roofing. Whether a roll or shingles are used, what you'll end up with is a waterproof membrane and surface that's capable of reflecting heat effectively to keep your home or business cooler.

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Rubber Roof Repairs

As we've already discussed, EPDM roofing systems are highly durable. Even so, there may be times when rubber roof repairs are necessary. As rubber that's normally used for roofs of this type ages, it sometimes develops a carbon film. EPDM roofs are "glued down" or fully adhered. It's a not a roofing system that's attached mechanically. Depending on whether your roof is a roll or shingles, repair may involve replacing entire sections or replacing individual shingles. Common problems associated with EPDM roofs include:

Rubber Roofing Maintenance

Because of the potential for shirking, rubber roofs should be inspected to look for signs of pulling away from walls, corners, drains that may be on the roof, or flashing. During routine maintenance checks, our contractors can apply or reapply water-repellent and other roof treatments to restore the roof's durability. We can also fix any cracks or holes spotted during an inspection with sealant if the damage is minimal and relegated to certain areas. If you happen to notice mold, mildew, sap, or other stains on your rubber roof, we recommend using a clean that's specially designed for rubber roofs.

Rubber Roof Contractor in Lancaster County, PA

As your trusted source for rubber roofing in Lancaster PA, Zimmerman's Construction is committed to making your experience with a rubber roof a pleasant one that will offer long-term value. Our experienced team is prepared to plan and complete new installations, repairs, or replacements quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request service from our rubber roofing contractors.

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