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As a professional siding company in Manheim, PA, we understand a home's exterior and façade is very important in terms of both form and function. It’s the first thing everyone notices at first glance when they look at your home as well as the first line of defense regarding weather conditions and structural protection. Not only is worn and faded siding an eyesore, it also lets the elements gradually impose potential damage on your home.

However, this problem is easily solved by replacing and upgrading to something new and better that will improve energy efficiency, enhance the curb appeal, and repair any structural damage that may be hiding behind your current siding. Contact a team of siding company Manheim pros to update the exterior of your home and take it from bland-and-boring to beautiful.

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Instantly Boost Curb Appeal with New Siding Installation

As siding continues to age, new siding installation is needed because it generally fades to a more washed-out color than when it was originally first installed. Over time, it looks dirty and unkempt no matter how many times you wash it due to natural wear and tear.

Consider giving it a facelift with modern stylish siding that comes in various textures, profiles, and endless colors. Want to change the entire look of your home and be the envy of the neighborhood? If you're in need of new vinyl siding, our local residential siding contractors in Manheim, PA is right for the job.

Improve Energy Efficiency with Window Replacements

If you've already made the decision to replace your siding, it’s best to incorporate a few energy efficient upgrades as well such as adding more insulation to your walls. By installing replacemet windows in Mainheim, PA will help keep cold air and heat from seeping out. Several homes that were constructed back when insulation was incredibly expensive have little to no insulation. The perfect time to make this upgrade is when the current siding is removed before installing the new product.

Addressing Structural Damages With Home Repairs

Old siding will eventually start to break down at some point and let rainwater in and leak down inside places where it shouldn’t be and cause extensive, costly home repairs. Sometimes this damage is noticeable and sometimes it’s not. Check for signs of water damage due to worn siding in places like along the bottom of the window sill or hairline cracks in the drywall.

Siding Contractors in Manheim, PA

Unfortunately, many homeowners won’t notice the problem until it’s already done quite a bit of damage behind the scenes, which is why it’s important to contact PA siding contractors Manheim to let them assess your particular situation and determine if replacing your siding is ideal.

Structural damage to a home can be a nightmare in terms of both time and money. It can range from deteriorating floor framing, weak studs, and delaminating plywood. A high-end, professional PA siding job not only protects both the exterior and interior of your home, it adds value (home equity), beauty, and adds curb appeal to your home.

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