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We strive to meet all of your repair needs!

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We always stand by our work and will repair any issues that are found with our work; whether it is a leak, missing shingle, or another matter, we will repair it!

In person repair estimate flat rate: $100

Online estimate: FREE!

*Please Note* We are a small business so we often do not have the capability to send workers to repairs immediately. However, we will always prioritize repairs on work that we have done!


·  Missing shingles

·  Missing granules

·  Buckling or curling*

·  Visibly loose shingles

·  Damage to flashing

Asphalt Shingles

Any shingle repair you need can

be coupled with lasting value with asphalt shingles expertly repaired or replaced by our experienced crew at Zimmerman's Construction.

If your roof has missing or damaged shingles, they will need to be replaced with ones that match the surrounding roof. Often, existing shingles are brittle, so we make sure to fit the replacement ones firmly into place to create a seamless look. We can also check the rest of your roof for signs of wear

or damage while we are on your roof.

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·  Damaged panels

·  Loose counter-flashing or damaged flashing

·  Loose screws

·  Improperly placed or worn screws

·  Missing sealants

·  Seams and overlaps

·  Blow-offs

·  Ponding water


Despite the longevity and durability of

metal roofs, there may be times when you're in need of metal roof repair. The good news is that metal roof systems can often be safely, effectively, and affordably repaired. Metal roof repair can be difficult and intricate, but we'll use quality materials to make fixes or replace any damaged parts, where possible. We will also take the time to

thoroughly evaluate the rest of your roof

beyond the area that needs attention to

minimize future repair needs. 

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  • Issues due to improper installation

  • Shrinkage that affects flashing

  • Damage or wear around seams

  • Punctures

EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber, that is used for roofs of this

type, ages and can develop a carbon film on top. Rubber roofs are quite literally glued down, or fully adhered, to your house. It is not a roofing system that is attached mechanically so repair looks a little different. Most repairs are fixed using primer and rubber adhesive tape, or new flashing. In more extreme cases, a complete replacement of the rubber may be needed.

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Rubber Maintenance

Due to the potential for shrinking, rubber roofs should be inspected semi-regularly to look for signs of age. These can include pulling away from walls, corners, in-roof drains, or flashing. During routine maintenance checks, we will fix any cracks or holes spotted with sealant, if the damage is minimal and relegated to certain areas.

*If you happen to notice mold, mildew, sap, or other stains on your rubber roof, we recommend using a cleaner that is specially designed for rubber roofs.


·  Splitting and other damage from natural weathering

·  Curling or cupping from aging

·  Cracks or splitting from moisture damage

·  Frying and other signs of rot or decay


While cedar roofing materials are highly

durable, there are times when repairs are

necessary. Most issues with cedar roofs stem from the wood aging but not all parts of a cedar roof will age or wear at the same rate. For this reason, partial replacement limited to the sections requiring attention can be a cost-effective solution. If you see visible damage to your roof, check first for leaks inside your home, near the damage. If there does not seem

to be any leakage, it may be best to leave

the roof alone, not repairing it. 

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